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Default Re: How do you all handle mounted combat?

Coincidentally, I was going through this section of the ITL manuscript yesterday. I commented to Steve that I thought they were the best mounted combat rules out there. To handle mounted combat with any sort of realism is HARD! It has often been the bane of the existence of minis rules authors, and they don't generally have to worry about a true man-to-man experience as you do in an RPG environment.

Steve said he'd like to see more people playing it (which is why I'm trying to fit the essentials onto the GM screen). It is a commonly glossed-over portion of most medieval RPGs, where horses are usually just a device to get you from town to the dungeon -- if that. Horses and horsemanship should be a major part of the setting, especially if you are dealing with armored knights.

Do you gloss over the use of horses in your campaigns? Are they more than off-screen transport? Has anyone integrated horsemanship and horse ownership into the role-play. (For example: a character who makes his living riding, frequent combat on horseback, a character with a favorite horse who almost became an important NPC with a personality and an emotional connection to the character, etc.) If I asked you what the color of the last horse you rode in a game was, would you know?
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