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Default Noob question: charity

Hi all

So, Ive played a total of 3 games with my boys. There are a few issues that we are working through but one of the main ones we came across last night was the charity part. I was the lowest level of the three and my son had more than 5 cards in his hand, so he gave two to me....but that made me have more than 5 in my hand (some class/race and monsters). What do I do?? I ended up discarding my race/class that was in play just so I could use some in my hand.

Is this the correct thing to do??

BTW, I love this game, and so does my sons....but we are too kind and don't use too many cards against each other.....except for last night, the last game. Son was about to defeat a monster but my other son didn't want him to, so he was adding to the monsters level and because I wanted the game to finish (it was late), I was helping by adding to my sons level (used Pretty Balloons etc).
Now, I presume this can happen as well??

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