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Default Re: Can NPCs break the rules? (moved from KS discussion)

Originally Posted by hcobb View Post
My feeling is module builders need to do a better job at explaining how the NPCs got that way.

So singular giant flying turtle is just a mystery of Cidri while a wizard who recently got much stronger and agile (in his fifties) needs to have a rumor of demonology about him.
Precisely. People writing official material that is part of the 'RAW product line' should be free to introduce all sorts of wild ideas and extreme characters, but respect the process! If you have a cool idea for a powerful NPC, go for it, but develop the idea to the point where it makes some kind of fantasy-world sense.

The mini-campaign setting in the Book of Unlife and Vampire Hunter Belladonna are nice examples. They both include a number of wildly powerful beings (enough so that I wonder how any player will win without some super lucky rolls...but that's a different discussion!), but they all are readily understood as vampires, werewolves, etc. who came by their outrageous attributes through good honest black magics.

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