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Originally Posted by Steve Plambeck View Post
Well this is too spooky... the first time I asked myself the same question, and this in 40+ years, was only 48 hours ago, and here you are posting it! What are the odds?!? (And no I wasn't trying out the app, the question came up in another context.)

My immediate instinct is to allow the 2H use of the spear immediately upon dropping the shield. And by extension, allow the 2-handed use/readiness of anything that had been held in one hand should the other hand become free.
Haha. Are you in one of the campaigns I am playing in? It kind of came up in both of them, but in different ways. If Longlegs casting spells or murder killer bears in a gladiatorial arena come to mind that would be an explanation. If not, spooky indeed. :-)

I have a 32p gladiator with halberd and bola and a ST of 9.
9/15/8/14 Pole weapons, Running, Throwing Weapons, Bola, Sex Appeal (You got to please the crowd).
The Halberd do less damage 2-2 (3-2 with a charge). But it is usually enough to take out someone in two attacks and non-fine javelins are too weak for the arena.

The upside to -4adjDX for being too weak for the Halberd is that you can get a higher base DX, the actual adjDX will be the same when fighting with the Halberd either way. So you lose 2 points of damage with the Halberd, but gain 4 DX when it comes to throwing your Bola, so with talent an adjDX of 17! If you hit, you will get +4 DX with your halberd when hitting them on the ground for one or two turns. Or if you run around and get them in the side or back, or if you knock them down by doing damage. or a +2 for set vs. charge. Either way, there are a lot of ToHit bonuses to be had, so a low adjDX is ok, if you can make sure your Bola hits, even a few hexes away.

So once you throw the Bola, held in one hand with the Halberd held but not wielded in the other, if you need one whole turn to ready the Halberd, it will be a little bit useless. The guy hit by the bola will soon be on his feet again, without you having time to attack.

And I think that Bastard Sword and Spear needs a little love. The advantage to being able to swing it both one-handed and two-handed will be very small otherwise. Especially if it would take as long to grab the sword with two hands as it takes to sling it on your back and draw two completely different weapons.
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