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Default Re: Shield Rush is always pointless?

The whole design concept behind TFT is diversity with parity; it is tricky because parity that is totally 'flat' across all tactical situations destroys diversity - who cares what you call your various weapons and armors if they are effectively the same? So, in order to preserve diversity, parity in TFT works by providing every stat and gear option a significant advantage in a different situation; if you can tactically create that situation you have an advantage; if you can't you probably have a disadvantage. But everyone has a way that they can shine, so long as they play well and don't walk into un-winnable set ups. Lasso, bola and whip are just unusual parts of this 'ecology' of balanced gear. So is an arquebus. So is a horse bow. So is a petard. So is a fine rapier. So is the 'Sleep' spell. etc.
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