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Default Class/Race & Synergy: How Many Items/Monsters?

When expansions and core sets start to collide (as Munchkin players are want to do), corresponding cards start to get lost in the mix. This seems especially evident when discussing cards like race and class.

For instance if I were to merge "Munchkin Pathfinder" with a fully-expanded Munchkin Original deck, suddenly my chances of finding a beneficial item or a Monster that's weak against, say, a Summoner is drastically lower. Statistically improbable, even. -- Turned the other way, I would hope that any party member lucky enough to draw a Necromancer would have a fair shot at drawing a Monster that's strong against their Class. Otherwise the inherent benefits of these cards virtually go unchallenged.

Needless to say this gets complicated pretty quickly. Which is a bummer because I would love nothing more than equal representation in my ginormous Monster Box of a Fantasy deck. I love the randomness of Munchkin but I prefer that that randomness have some amount of balance.

So, to the SJG community and to SJG HQ, what do you think is the golden ratio? How many Items, Weapons and One-Shots (restricted/beneficial) and how many Monsters (weak against/strong against) should be put into a given deck that correspond with any given race/class/etc?

With a little insight, enormous decks could become truly homogenous. Only then will I finally know peace. ♥️

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