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Default Re: DF: Where do Martial Artists and Ninja come from?

Right now, I have two spots for a BS dump that would work for faux Asian in my world:

"Out East." In my world, that's the lands of the elves. I haven't defined what lies beyond those lands, and I'm unlikely to do so. I could either have eastern elves or men from beyond; I tend more towards eastern elves myself.

"The Isle of Erstókkīs." That's an island about as big as Madagascar set off to the west, in relation to the mainland as Ireland is to Europe, without pesky Britain between them. My campaign area is somewhere between Germany and Belarus in terms of distance from the western coast; I gleefully steal the fauna and flora of Belarus to make the place a bit more exotic. Anyways, Erstókkīs is my named human land of "other," and which again works since the game won't go anywhere near there as it stands now.
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