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Default Re: DF: Where do Martial Artists and Ninja come from?

In the DF games I've been in, we've had no Ninja (that I know...) but we've had two Martial Artists... I think. I forget the details of where one came from, the player abandoned the idea pdq, but I'm pretty sure he was faux-Asian from some unspecified place. The other was a pretty European-seeming tiger-man, absent the clothing which seemed as much North African as Asian. I don't think the tiger-man had a particular origin mentioned in the game world, but it was a while ago too.

We've also had a character whom you could be forgiven for thinking was a Martial Artist, but was basically a Barbarian who wrestled. He was a coleopteran with a giant fiddler-crab claw, and came from an underground, Underdark-y region of the world. You can't say that he related to any real world human cultures at all.
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