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Default Alternatives to GURPS? Other tabletop RPGs to try?

Wait! Don't shoot. Please, hear me out.

I know that some of you play or have played or just occasionally play tabletop RPGs other than GURPS. I'd like to know what you liked and what you didn't like, especially in comparison to GURPS. If you tried a different tabletop RPG, weren't feeling it, and returned to GURPS, I'd love to know about that too! As someone who hasn't branched out too much, it'd be nice to know if anything else feels close enough or different enough to feel refreshing or anywhere in between.

I could go ask this question to a more general audience, but I am particularly interesting the experience of other GURPS players. I think we're stereotyped as an eclectic bunch who won't play anything else, but I think that's not totally true. I've heard good things from fellow GURPS players about Fate and Savage Worlds.

Thanks to those who do take the time to answer any of my questions!
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