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Default Cracking water in TRAVELLER

I have to be wrong about this - please tell me that I'm wrong!

This is what I find elsewhere on the net...

"Water has a rel molecular weight of 18 amu, so 1 mole of water has a mass of 18 grams. So, 1,000 grams of water contains 1,000/18 moles = 55.5 moles. Therefore 1 litre of H2O produces 111 moles of H, and 55.5 moles of O."

Elsewhere I find...

"Avogadro's rule for molar volume states that one mole of any ideal gas occupies 22.4 liters of volume"

If the above mentioned items are correct - to fill 13.5 Kiloliters with Hydrogen, you'd need something like 5 liters of water.

Please tell me the math is wrong. Please?

If I'm right? One need only carry a single dTon of water in your hold, plus the empty fuel tankage you need to fill with Hydrogen for when you want to jump, and you're golden.

if 5 liter of volume = 0.176573333607443 cubic feet, then 500 cubic feet of water will produce about 2831.6846591999992182374156967191 dTons of hydrogen Fuel.

These numbers MUST be off!

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