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Default Re: December 26, 2017: The Fantasy Trip Returns Home

Defence: Back in the day I used a simple resolution table to solve this perceived problem. I set the median value at 11, so that two fighters of the same skill would have just over a 50 per cent chance to hit each other. Actually, there was no real need for the table. Start each figure at 11 and adjust as follows based on the values of their adjDX:

Take the difference between the two values and halve it. Add one half to the value of the figure with the higher score and remove the other half from the lower score. If there is an odd number add the spare 1 to the higher value. Example...

DX14 v DX14 (difference 0) =11v11
DX14 v DX13 (difference 1) =12v11
DX14 v DX12 (difference 2) =12v10
DX14 v DX11 (difference 3) =13v10
DX14 v DX10 (difference 4) =13v9 and so on...

I felt this fixed a number of problems with the original rules, including reigning back the power of the polearm charging character with 14 adjDX who almost never missed and did massive damage, without taking away the value of having a higher DX score completely.

For simplicities sake, and where there are multiple combatants, allow the figures to perform actions in the order of their adjDX before applying the resolution adjustment.

Later on I used this idea for other things such as casting spells; IQ of spell v IQ of caster, etc
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