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Default Re: December 26, 2017: The Fantasy Trip Returns Home

Originally Posted by Skarg View Post
I'd want any healing magic to be optional. Having nothing but possibly expensive low-power healing potions was a case of "less is more", for me. It means avoiding injury, and dealing with the consequences of it, is very important. When you add healing magic (unless it is extremely limited), it often has a massive effect on gameplay, making the stakes much more "all or nothing" and to me, much less interesting in comparison to all my experiences without it in TFT. Suddenly everyone needs/wants healing wizards, tactics change, people expect to be able to get cut up and be instantly all healed, etc.
There's something in what you say, but the sheer lethality of TFT combat means that either you go through a lot of characters, or you go into the dungeon, clear four or five rooms, return to town to heal up for several weeks, re-enter the dungeon, re-clear the same four or five rooms (which have since been reoccupied), return to town, heal up for several weeks, rinse, repeat...

Though I agree, magical healing ought to be fairly expensive for minimal results -- only healing a couple of points of damage (1D/2 for example, for a similar ST cost for the spell), just so the characters don't become impervious tanks shrugging off the threat of damage. Also that level of cost means the Wizard character has to seriously consider just how much personal "damage" he is willing to take to heal a little bit of damage to another character! (Edited to add: Perhaps at that point the Wizard only does healing in order to "stabilize" a character so the team can get him/her back to town for proper healing.)
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