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Default Re: On assembling teams for GURPS Action . . .

Originally Posted by Molokh View Post
An Assassin can substitute for a Shooter or
Infiltrator to some extent, or as a driver in a pinch. No fancy 'class
skills', but some of the more general ones are easy to buy up (high DX). One
of the most important roles, even if the campaign isn't about crooks.
Assassin should be skilled in several areas, as most assassin work alone
since they don't advertise. If you're talking about a "general killer"
then that's different.

Originally Posted by Molokh View Post
The Cleaner is probably one of the best all-around
multitaskers. Can talk, shoot, drive etc.

Originally Posted by Molokh View Post
Demolition Man seems to be a secondary role, only
appropriate once the team size is more than 4.
Could/Should be filled by the assassin if it's a high enough point

Originally Posted by Molokh View Post
Face Man seems good all-around too.
Probably depends on the philosophy behind the team. Face guys can
be leaders (they brought the team together) or they're bit-players
"hey we need a face-guy!"

Originally Posted by Molokh View Post
Hacker seems tertiary (unless the campaign is
centred around computers and electronics); only for teams>4.

Originally Posted by Molokh View Post
Infiltrator seems good at first sight, but not all
campaigns call for a cat burglar. However, if it is a primary role,
she can substitute for most other DX-based roles to some extent (again,
driving and shooting come first).
Like I mentioned someone should have these skills in some capacity because
more often than not you need someone who can get you in and get you out.
These type of characters should have several plans for both type of

Originally Posted by Molokh View Post
Investigator may be primary or secondary depending
on campaign type.
Assassins are often investigators in a general sense, especially the
ones who work alone. If it's just someone brought in to kill or do the
work the others won't...then it's a specialist.

Since almost any RPG game revolves around gaining information in some
capacity, it's likely these skills will be possessed by one of the main
teamers and probably added-on by those who stick with the team; especially
if the team has to split up from time to time.

Originally Posted by Molokh View Post
Medic seems secondary, but does boost a team's
effectiveness considerably once team size is >4.
Depends on the setting. In fantasy they're a must. In a high-tech or
ultra tech setting it might be more common for people to die - heh!

Usually most DF type games rely on teams who "keep coming back for more!";
while an ultra-tech game might be "leave 'em" or "let's get out while the
getting's good".

If healing potions, scrolls and ultra-tech drugs abound, then it can
be relegated to the back.

Originally Posted by Molokh View Post
Shooter is a primary that easily dual-classes into
other DXists.

Originally Posted by Molokh View Post
Wheel Man is primary to secondary, but definitely a
specialist. It's cool to have one, but he is either in the spotlight
or far away in the background. Seems like a role which must
dual-class into something.

Originally Posted by Molokh View Post
Wire Rat seems like a good support overall in a
higher-tech game, especially espionage, cops or houserobbers type of
campaigns. But it seems that it's a bit hard to multi-class with this
Yes and no. I think these are specialists unless it's Shadowrun or

I have a rather versatile pair of NPC bounty hunters, they're essentially

and Infiltrators

all rolled into one. The other spots are filled by contacts and research,
meaning when they want to snatch a guy, they case the cabin in the mountains
and take pictures and know certain things -- like getting a hacker or electronics
specialist to hook them up with a gizmo so they can start the air conditioner or
heater from outside while the occupants are sleeping to cover their entry noise.

Knowing about cover noise is from their military training but getting it to work
means finding a specialist and giving him the correct info.

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