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Default Re: On assembling teams for GURPS Action . . .

Here's what I think about Lenses:
  • Criminal is mostly good for Infiltrators, or if one wants a high Streetwise/Stealth, but not very cool otherwise (particularly because it gives no access to Rank). It also lacks First Aid, so don't go all-criminal without a Medic.
  • Intelligence is good to have because of Intelligence Analysis, Rank, and seems overall well-rounded. Rank provides worst combat support and not very impressive in general. Has no Medevac, which is bad without medics, but the only one to have False ID.
  • Law Enforcement is good for substituting Investigators, and for getting some backing from the law. Tied with Security for the best Rank/administrative support (esp. combat).
  • Military is a nice add-on to boost combat capability, leadership etc. The only Rank to provide Fire Support.
  • Security gives us nice skills for dual-classing into light combat, medicine, investigation and leader/analyst roles. Tied with Law Enforcement for the best Rank/administrative support. Has Disappearance.
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