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Default Rules Clarification - Combat, Multiple Monsters, and Modifiers

Hi Munchkins,
I would need clarification of rules of combat, please.

The Rules state
- " To fight a monster, compare its combat strength to yours.
Combat strength is the total of Level plus all modifiers
positive or negative given by Items and other cards " -

When fighting Multiple Monsters the Rules state - " You must defeat their combined combat
strengths. " -

The way I would approach this is , count each Monster's Combat Strength (Level +Modifiers) and then combine them.

To calculate the Combat Strength this way , when playing Usable Once only cards to enhance the Monster's side , I would need to assign that Item to one Monster on the Monster's side and count it as a Modifier. as it states that Modifiers are "..Items and other cards..".

This would make sense when playing card like "Mate" for the Monsters and "Doppelganger" for the Munchkins.

May I ask if combat should always be like this?
Are Items such as "+x to either side" treated differently than other items?
When playing these Items , should we Combine the Level of the monsters first , and then add the bouns? or should we still calculate each monster's Combat Strength , and then combine it, like it states in the Rules?
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