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Default Re: Cars Wars 6E - What We Know - 1st Post will be updated over time

I admit it, I awwww'd at my hopes of having it for 1D4con next year [first week of May] being dashed, but I'm with the others...would much rather have the game right over having it right now. Got enough to spend cash on right this moment anyway...Ogre Minis, Ogre 6th is coming soon, I need to expand my demo library even more...

From what I've seen [mainly on Phil's blog], it looks like it'll be a good spin-off...I have a few friends who love the fiddly simulationist nature of Classic, but would also love to be able to play it with family members who love the premise but don't have the patience to bring themselves up to speed with the original chit-monster.

I didn't see a reply go by [doesn't mean it wasn't posted, I'm a straight-up Mr. Magoo sometimes]...Phil, are you able to comment on whether Classic is staying in print after 6E releases?
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