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Default Re: [Spaceships] I'm closing on nothing, and 4 other confusions.


Originally Posted by mlangsdorf View Post
I guess I'm just confused by your confusion. What third option should there be?
I understand the gameplay aspect of "going fast, so you're harder to hit." I just mean that since I have PCs with a very fast ship they are going to want to have it go very fast all the time. (I know them.) Offering them "evasive action" or "closing" just seemed like too few options when I was reading these rules so I thought I was misunderstanding the rules. In GURPS basic combat using only the most abstracted rules, players get to say other things about where and how they move, even without a map. It's not a big deal, I just wanted to be sure I understood these rules.

Originally Posted by mlangsdorf View Post
In 3-D space, if your ship is moving relative to my ship, you're either approaching my ship or you're moving away from my ship.
I'm not trying to be snide or arch or sarcastic -- I'm not seeing what you mean when you say you're not seeing what I mean! I think it is that you know these rules and so the conventions in them seem normal. I am reading them for the first time so I am not used to some of the decisions that were made to simplify things.

All I was thinking is: If I am moving and in a room with a chair, I have other options besides moving away from it or toward it. And: If I am moving away from it I have other options besides jinking from left to right eratically as though to dodge incoming lasers. In 3-D space the same is true but I have even more directions to move.

In my imagination if my ship has fantastic engines and no fuel requirements (like TL11^ reactionless engines), I can spend some of that thrust to turn or turn continuously. So I could, say, circle around something at a constant distance. The SS rules mention that my combat area can have "cover" so I thought that maybe I could do something with that. I don't know specifically *why* I would want to do these things in a particular combat situation with these rules because I am just learning these rules for the first time. I am also used to giving the players more options.

But I understand the need to simplify. Just trying to grasp the decisions that were made here.

Thanks again for your help on this thread.
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