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Default Re: Parrying unarmed attacks with a weapon

Originally Posted by Maz View Post
I would use the rules for Aggressive Parry from Martial Arts. With a few modifiers based on the last line stating that "Weapon parries against unarmed attacks are essentially aggressive “for free”;".

So an armed parry would not have to be chosen beforehand, and would not suffe a -1 penalty. But it would never happen on a retreating parry (making it less likely for fencing weapons, witch is fitting IMO).

On a success you get a free hit, but you still take location penalties, and you deal thrust-4 damage... this is independent on weapon type, but can be cut or impaling if you want to and the weapon is normally able to do those.
Sounds about right

I did just normal thrust damage today and even that stopped the Knight rolling 3d+8 damage which would have possibly killed a monster biting... with a parry!
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