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Originally Posted by Steven Marsh View Post
I'm not sure what the issue is.

I just redownloaded the entire Power-Ups series, and the file names seem to be consistent:
  • GURPS_Power-Ups_1_Imbuements.pdf
  • GURPS_Power-Ups_2_Perks.pdf
  • GURPS_Power-Ups_3_Talents.pdf
  • GURPS_Power-Ups_4_Enhancements.pdf
  • GURPS_Power-Ups_5_Impulse_Buys.pdf
  • GURPS_Power-Ups_6_Quirks.pdf
  • GURPS_Power-Ups_7_Wildcard_Skills.pdf
  • GURPS_Power-Ups_8_Limitations.pdf

Am I missing something here?
What you are missing is that maybe something changed on your end because most of our files dont have a - between Power_Ups. It is as i just wrote it. Also if this changed on your end for all those files downloading files that have been updated is going to lead to alot of duplicates
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