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Default Re: (Unofficial) FAQ of the GURPS Fora

Q: How do I interpret news reports about the writing, editing, development, production, and publishing of a PDF or book in progress?

Originally Posted by Kromm View Post
"Development" is shorthand for what our editors do: Handle queries, proposals, questions that arise during writing, draft reviews, questions that arise from playtesting, and editing. It can include the game design and writing itself. All of the hands-on work this implies is done in unformatted text or using Microsoft Word.

"Production" describes what our production artists do: Lay out the text; design the pages, including headers, footers, fills, bleeds, and page numbers; insert art and diagrams; create a title page (and sometimes a cover), table of contents, and index; and finally turn it all into a PDF. Stuff you'd do in, say, InDesign, or QuarkXPress.

"Production" follows "development," with the exception of last-minute changes made when the writer and editor look at the near-final work of the production artist.

Anyway, I handle "development" but Nikki handles "production." Once I start talking about something being "in production," it's totally out of my hands except from a possible last review of the product ("production review") before we upload it for you to buy.
Q: What does project management mean in this process?

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Since Steven's name has come up:

"Project management" is assigning writers, editors, illustrators, and production artists to projects, and making sure these people communicate; setting up playtests; facilitating project handoffs from development to production; making sure that developers review the resulting production output; and establishing timelines for all of the above, as well as release dates. Most of this is done via email. It's concurrent with all of development and production.

That's Steven's job. So for every Kromm and Nikki you add, you need at least one Steven and possibly two.
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