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Default Re: The line between anti-hero and full on villain.

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Probably a better example of a face turn -- villain become hero, or at least having a heroic moment, like Darth Vader. Being a villain for a while and then gaining redemption isn't the same as throughout the story being the protagonist, achieving heroic ends by questionable means or as an unsavory person.
Yeah, but Morbius isn't really very much like Vader. Remember, he's a mass murderer, but he doesn't know it. Or at least, not consciously. As Captain Adams observes, he remembered enough to try to warn them off.

When he points out the graveyard for the people of the Bellorophon, he mentions that he dug each grave with his own hands, and has no wish to repeat it. That's probably true. He really would rather Adams and his crew survive.

But at the same time, he did kill the first crew, albeit without knowing it, and he is controlled by his own huge ego in ways he doesn't perceive. He probably really is concealing the discoveries on Altair IV in part to protect the human race, on a subconscious level he knows what would happen if large numbers of people arrive on Altair IV and get access to that machine.

But if he'd been less arrogant, the outcome might have been less tragic, too.

It's hard to untangle the good and the bad in Morbius.
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