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Default Re: A Challenger Appears! Green versus Red

Originally Posted by Plane View Post
I think I need to make a notepad and keep track of stats there so I don't have to keep scrolling to past posts to remind myself :) It gets harder and harder the more tangents...
Perhaps on the first two posts in the thread?

I was searching for instances of "HP" and I can't seem to find any since then, so I assume neither of us was injured since these?

I assume you're still at 7/10 HP from the torso hit and I seem to have went from 7/12 to 6/12 HP but I can't figure out where =/
I searched dice roller for "damage". You seem to have a bunch of -1 damage rolls from falls.

So I think AP-wise I'm at 6/12 you're at 5/10 .. ?
I believe that is correct.
FP-wise you're at I'm at 9/12 and you're at... I want to guess 8/10 but I'm not sure.
You're one too high in both cases. see post #171. its 8/12 and 7/10.

If you agree on that 9 or less randomness would you roll it?
Yes. No collision. Barely.

If it succeeds, I guess either of us could treat it like an attack and make a defence against if if we wanted to?
Sure... not that it matters.

So I think Green is now running full speed away from red, and both have their backs to each other. I think that counts as Green's turn, as we've already rolled for his move.

So I think Green specifies speed changes, Red decides if he wants to obstruct, and then its Red's turn.
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