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Default Re: Trying to understand self powered items

"The most important question anyone has to ask about their TFT campaign is whether magic items and potions are available for sale at the suggested rates. There is no right or wrong answer to this, but it will dictate the power balance in your game."

I don't use the magic item rules from the game as anything other than a reference; one of the reasons I ditched D&D back in the day was the over abundance of magical items which I felt spoiled the game. As a result, I ran TFT as very low in magic item availability. Although we had plenty of potions and other "one-shot" items, the number of permanently enchanted items I made available was extremely low, and nobody every just bought one at Ye Olde Magike Shoppe.

Stone Flesh/Iron Flesh rings are classic example of items that change the game in a big way yet are cheap to buy if you use the rules as is.

I would recommend extreme caution in using the rules as they are or you'll end up with everyone marching around like magic fuelled superheroes. If you want that sort of game that's fine, but at least understand that at the outset.
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