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Default Re: GURPS Powers: Divine Favor

Originally Posted by cmdicely View Post
While you can probably do lots of complicated explicit rules for this, in most cases I think that you could use the rules-as-written and use the portfolio of the god as a factor in evaluating the first reaction roll modifier (with a bonus for requests central to the portfolio and a penalty to those tangential to it), and the relationship of the petitioner to the particular god as a guide to the modifier in the second modifier.
Well, yes and no. In particular, I'm leery of granting bonuses: as a rule of thumb, a player is going to focus on the deity from whom the paragon is most likely going to get a response, and will tend to ask for miracles along the lines of what that deity is most likely to grant; so that is what the player should be paying for when he buys Divine Favor. He should then suffer a penalty to the petition roll when petitioning other deities in the pantheon, and he should suffer a reaction penalty when and if he attempts to petition a given deity for something outside of his/her/its portfolio.

If you think that a paragon who can draw on the favor of two gods is in a markedly better position than the one who's limited to a single divine patron, let him buy Divine Favor for the second deity as an Alternate Power to the Divine Favor you purchased for the first. You still pay the listed price for Learned Prayers, regardless of which deity is providing them; but you must meet the prerequisites set by whichever deity is granting the Learned Prayer in question.

And suddenly I'm thinking of the hypothetical GURPS In Nomine 2e, but replacing "deity" with "Superior". In particular, "Attunements" would be IN-speak for Learned Prayers.
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