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Originally Posted by Varyon View Post
Your post implies (no access to books currently) Base scales with Status.

Correct. Specifically, it gives access to a physical location equivalent to the housing for your Status minus 3 on the "What Cost of Living Gets You" table.

Originally Posted by Varyon View Post
If that’s the case, I’d say “Only for determining the size of the Base” would be appropriate as a -80% Limitation on Status. So, each [+1] gives +1 Status for determining the size/resources of the Base.
I don't know exactly how I'd price it, but that seems a little bit cheaper than what he wants. That would give you the equivalent of Status 5 (a "large mansion on an estate" at TL8) for only 8 points. If you were allowed to buy more than 8 levels to compensate for the penalty, you could get the equivalent of Status 8 (an "estate the size of a small country" at TL8) for only 11 points. But I think your idea is the most logical one at its core.
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