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Default Re: Ogre Articles in Pyramid

There are still 3 articles up there (not the ones referenced above with removed links) that have issues:

1) Poor Bloody Infantry has links to 3 images (counters and 2 maps) that require Pyramid logins - can we please have those images posted somewhere that doesn't require a login to something that no longer exists and cannot be subscribed to?

2) Exercise T references the Cobb Formula with a link to Henry's old page, which is long gone. If this formula is still considered semi-canon, may I recommend either changing the link to point to the page on, or copying that page somewhere locally and linking to it directly. If the formula is being pushed aside, just delete the link.

3) The Nihon Empire references the second volume of Pyramid, which as far as I know is not available anywhere anymore (at least not for the time being, I don't know if there are any plans to release it via e23 once V1 is completed). May I suggest that you change the note to indicate that the full story is available in GURPS Ogre and link to it on e23, since the excerpt drops off in mid sentence...

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