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Default Re: New Sci Fi Setting Seeds

On January 1st, 2030 the people of the United States of America, Canada, and Indonesia (plus a cluster of other nations equaling one tenth of Earth's population, give or take a few million) woke up on a planet other than the Earth.

After a period of disorientation, people figured out the following.

1) They were on a terraformed planet.

2) They didn't know what star system they were in probably because they were at least 75,000 lyrs away from Earth if not much further.

3) Everyone older than 25 was now 25 again. Also, everybody was in perfect health and knew how to use their new healthy bodies. I.e. people who had been born without legs now knew how to walk and run. Etc.

4) They were now surrounded by highly advanced technology (TL12^) and knew how to use and maintain it and the principles the tech worked by.

5) All humans were now telepathic and also had TK (anti-social and violent individuals excluded). Everybody, even those lacking other psi powers, has Mind Shield powers.

The people now wanted answers. Why? Where are the other Humans? And where is Earth?
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