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Default Re: Biomechanics, Riders and Harness

Originally Posted by Icelander View Post
If we take the Hatzegopteryx as our prototype as regard shape (size comparison of lower bound of size to human, one artist's interpretation, another interpretation in flight), what kind of harness would allow a human to ride a 550 lbs. specimen of one, assuming magic made it strong enough to manage the weight?

If the shape is wrong for anyone ever riding on it, what kind of pterosaur shape should I be looking for?
This is James Guerny's design

I'm not sure it is the best design, but it is a design, at least.

Originally Posted by Icelander View Post
And what should the position of the rider be?
You want the rider to be right over the center of mass while in flight (which also happens to be at the center of lift). This will be approximately at the centroid of the wing shape when viewed from the top, so from
it looks like you want the rider's center of mass to be about the middle of the back - still over the rib cage but behind the shoulder blades.

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