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Thoughts on July 26th

was Olivia who was there, yesterday. Lady Karita had ordered her to fetch me because they had been contacted by someone who wanted to join our adventuring party and wanted my opinion of her. Olivia had been disinclined to go, but felt she had to. I wish she hadn’t had to hear what was going on behind the locked door, and I completely understand that she didn’t stick around. Poor soul! I concluded long ago that love is irrational; how can she remain in love with me otherwise?

Over breakfast, Olivia told me about all the elves she and the others had met yesterday. First, there was the one we had interrogated with Lady Karita, or rather who had been interrogated by Lady Karita while Olivia and I listened with half an ear. She wanted to hire Kine to smuggle the goods she already has loaded on her wagon; it sounded strange to me, but Olivia didn’t learn the details, so she couldn’t explain. Then another one contacted Lady Karita, playing matchmaker for an acquaintance who wanted to become an adventurer; she apparently thought our group would do well for her friend. At last, the acquaintance herself met with Olivia, Lady Karita and Kine. To show her usefulness, Va’lyndra cast a spell on the chain weapon we had found, and determined it was able to practically ignore armor. At that time, Lady Karita decided I needed to meet Va’lyndra, and forced Olivia to go; Olivia knew where I was.

I got to meet Va’lyndra a little later; she appeared in time for Lady Karita’s breakfast. When she had eaten, Lady Karita decided to take the rest of us outside the city, where we could test Va’lyndra’s skills.

She had another task for Olivia, though. She took the two of us aside, and said she wanted Olivia to keep watch on her cousin, Karl Morgenstern. Lord Karl was allowed to see his kidnapped wife and twelve-year-old son about once a month. Someone would contact him and take him outside the city, where he’d be blindfolded and lead somewhere the family could be together for a little while. Lady Karita wanted to follow them to see where the wife and son were kept, so they could be saved.

We didn’t go far outside the city walls, in case Olivia needed to get to us in a hurry, just far enough that we wouldn’t be seen or disturbed. Va’lyndra and I had a little archery competition, which she won. I may not have won, but I would have done better if I hadn’t been pining so for Olivia. Lady Karita and Va’lyndra did some fist-against-staff fighting, and the elf proved an able melee fighter. I asked her if she had any skills besides combat that could aid us when we go adventuring. She claimed expertise at stealth and tracking, so we tested those skills. Va’lyndra performed well, but not exceptionally. My impression of her is that she’ll fit right into our group. She can keep up with us, and she has both magic and fighting skills that we’re in need of.

Lady Karita and Kine took Va’lyndra to the guildhall to mingle and to register her as an adventurer, and I went to keep Olivia company until I went for my swimming lesson, at which time, Kine took over for me. I don’t know how long we’ll need to stake Lord Karl out, but it may be a couple of weeks.

I spent the evening with Olivia, but knocked on Romus’s door when darkness had fallen.

Thoughts on July 27th

I was back in time for breakfast with the others. We acquainted Va’lyndra with the case of the kidnapped family, and agreed on a watch rotation. Olivia and I would take the day watch outside his office, and Kine and Va’lyndra would watch in the evening, after he’d returned home from work. Lady Karita disclosed to her cousin that we were keeping him under surveillance. It was because she wanted him to act normally if he saw us, I guess.

The crew decided we should sell the chain weapon at the auction if we could. Lady Karita had asked the guild master earlier, and he said that an item entered now would likely get a lower price than if it was sold at the next auction. He said the next auction would likely be in two months or so. We talked it over, and agreed that we might not be in Garuk in two months, and we could do many quests before that, during which we could put the money to good use. None of us had any skill with the thing, or the desire to learn, anyway.

I found Romus at the guildhall, and asked him if he could put the chain weapon up for sale. He consented to do so, and told me that the chain weapon was called a kusari.

A couple of notes on the board caught my attention. Someone was selling their masterwork brass knuckles, and I learned there were different types of arrows; one was able to penetrate armor more easily; another had a broader head that would inflict more damage.

I found the brass knuckles seller and bought those, then I went to a fletcher’s shop and ordered masterwork arrows as well. I could see they were both sharper and sturdier than regular arrows. The fletcher didn’t claim the arrows made it easier to hit, though, and I assume he would have done so if he thought he could get a better price that way. Not that they weren’t expensive enough already. He actually wanted to know I was good for the sum. I offered him half now and half later, when I pick up the arrows; he only had the display arrows in store, and needed a couple of days to make up the order.

Thoughts on July 28th

The kidnappers have always approached Lord Karl in the afternoon or in the evening to take him to see his family, so there was no need to begin the surveillance before lunch. I spent the morning locked up in the attic with Olivia.

I reasoned that I would be a little conspicuous if I sat all day in the outdoors restaurant near Lord Karl’s office. People would recognize me, and wonder why I was staring at a building. Therefore, I let Olivia watch from the restaurant while I practiced acrobatics in the street, entertaining street urchins and passersby. She pretended to watch my antics, but in fact she was watching the building behind me. Nothing suspicious happened today, and we got to spend the entire day together.

Thoughts on July 29th

Olivia hadn’t come down for breakfast when I arrived at the Red Mansion, so I went up to the attic to see if something was wrong. I pushed open the door, but the room was empty. Now that I’m not spending the nights there, Olivia has the time to keep the place tidy, so I immediately spotted the envelope with my name on it. It glared ominously at me from the middle of the floor. My stomach dropped like a leaden weight, for I knew what the letter would say. I forced myself to pick it up and pulled out a sheet of paper. I unfolded it and read the message in Olivia’s neat handwriting, a vulgar imperative I never would have expected from her. It was just two words, but those seven letters made my stomach drop even further. I was so stunned, I didn’t react when the door slammed shut and the person who had hidden behind the door grabbed me. I heard a voice whisper in my ear, but I couldn’t quite catch the words. The hands turned me around, and I saw Olivia. She cupped my face in her hands, looked me passionately in the eyes and repeated the whisper, a prefix to the message in the letter. Suddenly, I saw the prank for what it was, and my heart leapt. I attained her state of undress before the echoes of her whisper faded: “I want to …”

We interrupted my birthday celebration to have breakfast with Lady Karita. The others were there as well. Olivia asked if the others could cover our watch as she had other plans for us today.

We brought some food and drink along, and walked out the city gates, hand in hand. We found a secluded spot near the pond where I had learned to swim, and had a picnic. We had a delightful day, relaxing in the pond, drying off in the summer sun, getting steamy, and repeating until the sun went down and the air cooled. Recalling the dangers of the dark, we hurried back to the inn, where Olivia gave me my birthday present. Again. Romus had to manage on his own tonight.

Thoughts on July 30th

I was in high spirits today. Olivia loves me! Others may wish for pretty dresses or fancy weapons, and I admit that I do too, but what Olivia gave me for my birthday, nobody else can. Anyone can satiate my hunger, but only she can give me pleasure without regret, bliss without guilt and ecstasy without shame.

I leapt and danced, tumbled and twirled, and enjoyed myself immensely while Olivia kept watch on Lord Karl’s office door. When Kine and Va’lyndra took over the surveillance, Olivia and I went to the stables and retrieved Lightfoot who had completed his training. If the people I gave a pile of coins have done their job, Lightfoot will be coming with us when we go into the dark again.

It’s just a couple of days until the auction, so I went to see if Romus was as pliable as I needed him to be. After the auction, I’ll let Olivia tie me to the cot in the attic of the Red Mansion.

Thoughts on July 31st

Nothing happened while Olivia and I watched Lord Karl today. When Va’lyndra and Kine relieved us, we went back to the pond, and I began teaching Olivia how to swim. I had found it to be remarkably easy, but I guess it would take a little more time with Olivia, what with the distractions and all.

We separated when we got back to the city. Stores were in the process of closing up, but I had time to pick up the arrows I had purchased earlier, and I managed to convince a jeweler to let me place an order.
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