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Default Re: Multiple characters with shield wall training

Originally Posted by Michael Thayne View Post
This might be the right take. It's not how GURPS generally handles things, and you'd kind of expect any sort of simultaneous decision making to be called out explicitly. OTOH we're talking about stuff that happens in less than a second—which would argue for not giving players 100% of the info they might wish they had in order to make a decision.
Oh, I just found something that's possibly relevant: "Sacrificial Dodge", B375.
You can defend a friend by throwing yourself into the path of an attack against him. To do so, you must be close enough to interpose yourself between your friend and his attacker by taking a step (see Step, p. 368). Announce this after the enemy makes his attack roll but before your friend attempts his defense roll.
So, using the same for a shield wall, the characters who were not attacked need to go first, then if necessary the one being attacked." I'd still let them declare and resolve in order, so that the second character need not block if the first succeeded, except that the character actually attacked has to go last. The fact that the person you're defending might not have needed help and you'll never know is cost enough, I think.
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