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Default Re: Pterosaur Size, Weight, ST and Maximum Encumbrance when Flying

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1) If a pterosaur with Luke's proposed BL 100 or so can lift its own weight of 550 lbs. and maybe 50-100 extra lbs. of food, either in their belly or beak, what can the same pterosaur, but with its muscles enhanced with magic up to a BL 135, lift as it achives flight?
Depends on what other stuff scales. In principle it can increase its max flight weight from, say, 650 lb to 875 lb, which would let it fly at Light encumbrance instead of No, but doing so will require a 16% increase in flight speed and a 57% increase in power output (multiply required flight speed by the square root of the weight multiplier; multiply required power by the 3/2 power).
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2) How do you ride a pterosaur? I mean, physically? In a harness strapped below, somehow? Strapped between the wings?
Depends how they're set up. Strapped on top seems the least likely to kill you during takeoff and landing, but the straps might interfere with flight muscles.
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