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Default Re: Pterosaur Size, Weight, ST and Maximum Encumbrance when Flying

1) If a pterosaur with Luke's proposed BL 100 or so can lift its own weight of 550 lbs. and maybe 50-100 extra lbs. of food, either in their belly or beak, what can the same pterosaur, but with its muscles enhanced with magic up to a BL 135, lift as it achives flight?

Realistically, I mean. That is, the magic doesn't play tricks with physics, it's the same creature with the same biomechanics, only instead of ST 22, it's got ST26. Do I figure it as BLx6 (or so) for 600 lbs., which is used for 550 + 50 lbs. = 50 lbs. payload, in the first case, and BLx6 = 870, which results in 550 + 320 lbs. = 320 lbs. payload in the second?

Or is there a less simple, but more realistic formula?

2) How do you ride a pterosaur? I mean, physically? In a harness strapped below, somehow? Strapped between the wings?

You'd use a harness, how much would one of these weight, assuming you made it from TL6-7 materials and were trying for the best design you could get while remaining light?
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