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Originally Posted by Mark Skarr View Post
I don't use Aura on it, because it's not an aura. I wouldn't have that. Melee attack, reach C, sure, but not Aura. It's not an aura.
Presumably the aura was to represent it happening automatically during sex. Naturally, it could be only when you will it to happen instead.

As an aside, abilities that you reuse over and over, count as exertion for fatigue use. I suspect aura justified being able to use it a few hundred times successfully over a 15 min encounter.

Having sex and using an affliction aren't necessarily two separate things. That's why you have the Accessibility: Only while having sex. The sex is the concentration/ready maneuvers you need to activate the ability.
Being able to do two different activities in a single action is an advantage or enhancement rather than a limitation. You can't just get a free "when I strike I with both weapons as one action" instead of taking dual strike.

Besides, your description of "only during sex" was based on the analysis that you're not likely to do it in combat and when you do you'll be suitably devoted to what you are doing.

If you're activating an affliction, it does deserve the Takes Extra Time limitations, as you can't do them quickly, if time should ever matter. And, as you're not able to make active defenses, All-Out does make sense.
Sure, if you didn't already take credit for the limitation that you wouldn't be quickly or in combat as part of your description of why "only during sex" is worth -25%.

However, the discussion I was responding to was whether "Only while having sex" was a relevant limitation when coupled with Blood Agent, and it is.
I'd be more curious what explanation required both. Usually STDs are limited in how we share bodily fluids, but are otherwise could be shared more readily.
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