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Default Re: Sexual Abilities

Originally Posted by AlexanderHowl View Post
The urethral opening of the penis is a mucus membrane, so unprotected sex counts for Blood Agent.
Otherwise, men couldn't contract sexually-transmitted diseases.

Also, keep in mind that "Only while having sex" does drastically limit the effectiveness of an ability. Healing, with Blood Agent, you could put your hands into an injury and heal the injury during combat. With "Only while having sex" and Blood Agent, you can't really do that during combat . . . unless you're into that sort of thing. No judgement, it's just a rare fetish.

While it may not be as annoying (to others) as only while playing the trumpet, it is harder to pull off, requires a second (or more) person(s) (who may be illegal to have sex with), takes a bit of time (when done right), and can get you into a lot of trouble (social or legal) if you're caught. And the cost in cigarettes could also be crippling.

The majority of people aren't going to want to engage in sexual activities in public, or even out of doors. At least in America, the population is remarkably prudish to public displays of sex, when it's not in the movies. Just because you're an exhibitionist doesn't mean it'll be easy to find a partner. So, Only while having sex is an additional, limiting, limitation.

And even if you can find a partner whose willing to participate in your ribald pleasantries in public, that doesn't mean that you won't draw a crowd or even get arrested for indecent exposure amidst other charges. And with the proliferation of social media, the participants will be all over the internet in a matter of minutes, probably going viral (hopefully not catching any viruses as well).

Let's look at it as an affliction, just with takes extra time. Assuming you can have sex in one minute (your poor partner . . .), Affliction takes 1 second. So, that would be 5 levels of Takes Extra Time, to get it to 32 seconds. Or 6 for 64 seconds. That's -50% or -60%. That's already double the canon limitation of -25%. And, for men, it would be fitting to add "Takes Recharge" on there as well. I also, usually, suggest adding All-Out to it as well, as, if you're doing it right, you shouldn't be focused on anything else.

Those are the primary reasons I consider "Only while having sex" not just valid, but worth more than the -25% limitation it has in canon. (I also consider Compulsive Sexual Behaviour a -15 disadvantage because of just how crippling it can be.)

Now, your mileage may vary. It really depends on just how much sex you're comfortable having in your game. (That was an awkward sentence.) But, if you're willing to have sexual abilities in your game, you're probably more likely to think about the limitations and how they apply.
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