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Default Re: Skill for laying low in an urban area

Originally Posted by Bruno View Post
Speaking of picking up some Streetwise via indirect contact - carry at least two wallets. One should have enough cash to pay for a days stay in your hotel, and some trivial cards that you can live without (fake ones, if you can manage it). The other has your ID, credit cards, travellers cheques, other cashmoney. This one should be quite inconvenient for you to get to when you need to pay for something (and also for pickpockets).

When you get mugged, you give the decoy wallet, which has enough cash in it that they go away happy.
I also save my old (no longer useful) IDs. Demagnetize the strip, mar the numbers beyond recognition, and keep them in the dummy wallet, if when they flip it open in front of you to check it, they see an ID and a pair of credit/debit cards.

My real wallet stays in my backpack or tucked into my sock, it's slim enough for that.

I started doing this after a friend and I got mugged (I wasn't carrying my wallet, but the trouble he had to go through and the threat of "No wallet, I might just stab you for that" was enough to inspire me).
Feel free to steal, borrow, fold, spindle, mutilate any rule, advantage, etc I come up with it.
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