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Default Re: Pterosaur Size, Weight, ST and Maximum Encumbrance when Flying

Originally Posted by lwcamp View Post
So from this, I would guess that Quetzalcoatlus and Aramourgiania wouldn't have been very good t dismembering prey and probably just swallowed up to dog-sized things whole, but Hatzegopteryx might well have been able to tear its victims apart, maybe by gripping a limb in its beak and vigorously shaking, or by grabbing one end in its beak, stomping on the other end, and then just pulling up with its powerful neck muscles.

Going by certain other factors regarding mythical correspondence, I had, indeed, decided that the magical pterosaurs in question ought to be based on European archosaurs. This caused me to look quite hard at the Hatzegopteryx and the Coloborhynchus.*

The supernatural pterosaurs should be adapted to life in a Low Mana zone, which makes them about 40% stronger for their weight than they'd be without magic, but they must be capable of surviving in No Mana zones, where they are no stronger than real animals of that size, and Normal Mana, where they are almost twice as strong for their weight, though in such areas there are even more exotic critters that out-compete them handily, not to mention that some of them can kill them easily with supernatural powers.

As mana is used by many animals in this world as a partial food source, Normal and High Mana areas are incredibly rich in biodiversity and in biomass, which means that the supernatural pterosaurs do make occasional forays into higher magic areas to hunt or scavenge, but they prefer to live and breed in Low Mana zones, where most of the strongly-supernatural predators that can pose a serious threat to them do not usually go.

The reason they have to be able to live in No Mana Zones is that mana fluctates over time and some areas might suddenly become No Mana and if the supernatural pterosaurs were incapable of even escaping such areas when that happened, they'd be that much more likely to be extinct. Which, don't get me wrong, a lot of these magic-adapted critters do, with some regularity, but I wanted to feature these species as particularly successful survivors in this magico-Mesozoic era.**

*Dragons are cooler with teeth, if only so dragon hunters can wear necklaces of dragon's teeth.
**I probably don't even need to specify that it exists inside a Hollow Earth and that the external world is a frozen snowball, in accordance with the best Welteislehre. The Antarctic Space Nazis mean that this is just sort of implied. Also, that the mana is called vril by all serious Antarctic Space Nazi occultists.
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