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Default Re: Skill for laying low in an urban area

Originally Posted by Icelander View Post

I've never specifically tried to notice, but at least the last two times I was in Germany, I could pay with either credit or debit card almost anywhere. Granted, I would often carry cash anyway, but that's because I tended to tip.

I guess maybe I might have unconsciously avoided places with a cash-only economy. I'm sure there were still some kebab places in shady neighborhoods in Berlin or Amsterdam that only accepted cash, for example, but the ones I have visited in recent years have all accepted my cards.
Just for reference the watchmaker was in the center of Koblenz, which admittedly is not a major German city, but it is a German city. And I've heard stories (man!) about German quirkiness about money.

And just because you mention Amsterdam, my experience of The Netherlands is that they're similar to here regarding cash.
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