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Originally Posted by johndallman View Post
The easiest solution for that is that many of the binary (or higher multiple) stars that take a telescope to resolve on Earth are not visibly multiple, and spectroscopic binaries are entirely absent. At which point anyone with real knowledge of astronomy can be quite sure this isn't Earth, and never will be.

Again, this isn't Earth. Somebody will have made a note that at some point in the future, a proper sky survey ought to be made, and a statistical study of the distribution of non-naked-eye stars will likely reveal non-random patterns.
You're absolutely right. Anyone with even a decent hobby skill level (say 8-10) in Astronomy/TL7 will understand exactly why Germania Hyperborea is not Earth and never has or will be. And it only takes someone from the V-2 program who is interested in space, in addition to being a rocket engineer, to demonstrate this conclusively, using scientific equipment which would have been taken along as it would be useful for surveying and long-range scouting from airships.

Unfortunately, most of the influential leaders and prestigious elites among the ASNs do not have Astronomy/TL7 at even Dabbler levels, being rather more likely to have Fortune-Teller or Occultist and at most observational Astrology that is effectively TL5 or lower. And even those who are not deluded occult Nazis may not necessarily be all that familiar with TL7 Astronomy.

Even highly educated people do not necessarily study cutting-edge astronomy in depth, not if they are agronomists, civil engineers, economists, jurists, mechanical engineers or belong to other fields that do not really intersect much with the study of the stars and heavens. There will be plenty of the older generation, even intelligent, pragmatic, capable industrial leaders and military officers, who were raised with mostly TL5 ideas about outer space and who have never really studied the field as they amassed their expertise in fields related to doing things in German industry and/or fighting two World Wars.

So, sure, there is a group of people among the ASNs who know for a fact that Germania Hyperborea is not Earth and never has been or will be. There are, however, much higher numbers of völkisch, fascist and Nazi ideologues educated in entirely different fields who publish popular literature and speak at mass rallies to popularize the idea that Germania Hyperborea is the Earth of their ancient Aryan past and the ASNs have been given a chance to do things right this time around.

Originally Posted by johndallman View Post
An obvious effect is that shadowed areas will always be in shadow. If flora had evolved with this situation, there would be specialisations for it: plants would not need to turn towards the sun as it moves, trees would be different shapes, roots would specialise in sunlit or shaded areas, and so on. However, I strongly suspect that these specialisations are absent, revealing that the world was recently created and populated with Earth-derived life. Another scientific note for the future: Observe changes in the natural shape of fast-breeding bushes over decades.
You know what, let's throw in a couple of more 'suns' down there, really shake things up.

Have a period of 'night' when they're all absent or at least not radiating that much light through the mists, but also periods when just one or two of them are 'on'.

And note that there are things in Jötunheim that imply hundreds of millions of geological history and abundant native life, like the massive coal fields and the more recent tar pits. Of course, whether that life much resembled Earth fossil life is a different question.
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