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Originally Posted by naloth View Post
It's about like taking "I don't shoot people I don't want to shoot" on an innate attack. It's not really worth anything as a limitation.
If anything that'd be a 'Selective Effect' enhancement, I remember you could take that to avoid hitting allies with Spray fire somewhere in Powers.

Originally Posted by Mark Skarr View Post
Blood agent means what it says: a cut works. Sex Act + Blood Agent means very specific orifices. Orifices which are usually protected and covered. Unless you have some very specific fetishes, nose and ears aren't going to do you much good.
I notice there's a missing disclaimer for the eyes... surely those would normally work with Blood Agent too.

I expect the reason a Succubus has Contact Agent instead of Blood Agent is so that they can target men, because the usual fashion would not involve contact with his mucous membrane, only the demon's (blood-agent: reversed) however since Succubi don't have blood agent, reversed, they could simply use their hands... but since they don't have "sense-based, touch, reversed" it doesn't have to be their hands, it could be their elbows or knees or whatever.
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