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Default Re: Skill for laying low in an urban area

Originally Posted by Icelander View Post
IIf you are withdrawing from an ATM from your own bank, you can get up to $1,000 for the basic cards that most everyone has and up to $7,000 for cards that are meant for travelers, if you are withdrawing from an ATM specifically targeted for the use of such cards. No idea how to find one of those and don't know anyone who has ever needed to withdraw that kind of money from an ATM.
Which is why you go in person and close out your account. you get all your money immediately and the bank doesn't even bat an eye (I mean they do, but that's because they are losing a customer, not because they suspect you're a criminal).

Originally Posted by SimonAce View Post
The US has a sizable homeless population at the minimum of half a million though and probably in the tens of millions of undocumented people. There are places to go though for a free meal and a sermon though the quality of life will be low. This can be done by anyone who has any skill even dabbler in streetwise , or urban survival or at least one point in area knowledge and with an easy fast talk/diplomacy roll in the right places
The advantage to going the homeless route is in most major US metropoles that there are a lot of "soup kitchens" that don't care about your ID, and if you look like your living rough most people are happy to point you to the nearest shelter or soup kitchen, and other homeless will 'take you under their wing' and show you the good spots.

The disadvantage is that all the shelters that draw on public funds require a SSN (but not a picture ID, so not as hard to fake and you just need your number)... and those are the 'good' places for food and housing.

Alos, the food situation if you're homeless is pretty good. You'll be down to 1-2 meals a day if you can't swing a shelter (the only way for a free breakfast) and are living in alleys.
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