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Originally Posted by DreadDomain View Post
Wonder Woman - 1533 pts
Which version are you trying to make her closer to?

ST 60 DX 16 IQ 13 HT 14
HP 60 Per 13 Will 15 FP 14
Thr Dam 13d BL 1 ktons Speed 8 Move 8
Attributes can be a pain... ST and HT are reasonable, even low for some sources. DX seems high, but Diana has had thousands of years of training which would justify her better than the best human gymnasts. IQ seems somewhat high, but it could be that she just doesn't exert it much.

Crushing Fist
Is this a variant of the Striking Surface perk or something else?

Bracelets Deflection Defense Bonus +2 plus Damage Resistance 15, Active Defense, Front plus Reflection, Ranged Attacks only, AA: Blast [19]
Skill Adaptation Karate [1]
You might look into Cosmic Defenses (Block). Diana seems like a good fit for being able to block things you can't normally block.

SHORTSWORD Gadget: Can Be Stolen (Quick Contest, Disarm)
Sword Swing ST-Based cut damage, Armor Divisor (2), Melee Attack (1), ST-Based, AA: Sword Thrust [19]
Sword Thrust ST-Based imp damage, Armor Divisor (2), Melee Attack (1), ST-Based [103]
Weapon Bond [1]
I haven't used the Alt Gurps 3 natural weapon rules, but from what I'm seen they would fit better than ST-Based in this case.

MAGIC LASSO Gadget: Can Be Stolen (Quick Contest, Disarm), Unique
Lasso Grab Binding 40, Accurate 4, Reduced Range (10 yrds) [36]
Truthsayer Mind Probe, Follow-Up, Reliable 10, Hearing-Based [26]
Swingline [1]
The problem with binding is that it's normally broken/destroyed to get free. I considered doing the magic lasso as stretching with force extensions, but decided against it. It's funny to think of it as an extra long arm that with mind probing powers.

Nice build. It fits reasonably well with your ~1500 Superman. Now you need to do an Aquaman, Batman, and Flash for that point level ;)
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