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Originally Posted by Kelly Pedersen View Post
Dwarves should have Resistance or Immunity to Domination - that's not mind control in general, since emotional effects and suggestions could work on them, but they straight up can't be totally subdued by the will of someone else.
Hobbits should have something like this too. All hobbits who possess a Ring of Power show an ability to resist its effects that men never did. Gollum had the Ring for 500 years without fading into a wraith. Bilbo gave it up of his own free will after having it for 70 years (and being assisted by Gandalf). Sam refused its temptation when he got it, with his hobbit sense. Frodo eventually gave in, but he was exhausted, starved, parched, and standing on the brink of Mount Doom; he gets a pass. Meanwhile, Pippin manages to survive his Palantir encounter with Sauron without giving the game away, though Sauron was in haste and jumping to conclusions. Fatty Bolger is supposed to be frozen in fear when the Ringwraiths attack Crickhollow, but he manages to throw off the Black Breath long enough to run for help. And four hobbits and a ranger manage to spiritually fend off the nine Ringwraiths for weeks.

Yes, hobbits have very strong mental defenses.
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