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Default Re: Nazis Fighting Dinosaurs (or Dragons, Shantaks, etc.)

Originally Posted by Icelander View Post
Senior Nazis might have nice sporting Mausers chambered in elephant-hunting calibers or even the Mannlicher-Schönauer Grosswildbüchse in 12.7x70mmRB.
I've been using a similar rifle in a Weird War II game for several years. It's excellent as readily carriable firepower, but the Rcl is brutal.
I'm also quite struck by the Panzerbüchse 39 in 7.92x94mm. It seems like an ideal weapon for a sharpshooter on a zeppelin to use against massive critters with hard to reach brains or other vital spots.

What would be the Range, Dmg and Rcl of a 7.92mm bullet driven at 4,000 fps from one of those?
GURPS: WWII, has 1,200/5,400, 13d-1 (2) and Rcl 2.

There is however, something better that the Germans captured quite a few of: the Soviet PRTS-41 anti-tank rifle in 14.5x114mm Russian. You can cribs stats from the ZiD KPV machine-gun in High-Tech. Weight is 49lb, and capacity 5+1.

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