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Default Re: Antarctic Space Nazis Across the Multiverse

Originally Posted by Icelander View Post
If necessary, this might involve nuclear powered zeppelins, depending on how plausible it is that Nazi scientists might eventually invent nuclear reactors independently in their Last Redoubt.
I'm sorry, I'm having trouble parsing this. Did you just use the term plausible in a discussion of magic using, multiverse-spanning Antarctic space Nazis?

Okay, maybe I can also offer some helpful comments instead of just snark. You can get an idea of what a relatively isolated nuclear enterprise needs by looking at the Hanford project, the part of the Manhattan project that built functioning nuclear reactors in a formerly mostly uninhabited* region of the northwest United States. By 1944, an and arid and empty region of scrub-steppe had grown into a boom town of 50,000 people - so this is likely a minimum of what you need to build a functioning reactor.
This is a minimum, because you still need to import steel pipes, rebar, portland cement, copper wire, winches, jeeps, trucks, diesel fuel, cranes, and so forth. It also gets you a nuclear reactor in a large concrete building. To miniaturize the reactor enough that an airship can lift it will require even more work (although not necessarily more people).


* If you ignore the Yakama, Palouse, Cayuse, and Walla Walla peoples, which the US government regularly did. And the small farming communities of Hanford and White Bluffs, which were removed.

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