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Originally Posted by PTTG View Post
Starting in 2001, every human being became sterile. However, people occasionally duplicate asexually during sleep. The effect is unpredictable, but works out to be a 2% chance of duplication per year, resulting in about the same growth rate as before. The resultant clones are totally indistinguishable. The present year of 2021 is mostly adapted, but is still struggling with the long-term consequences.
The result may be something similar to Children of Men, even being around the same amount of time since the Event (Children of Men is set 18 years after). I suspect people will be engaging in even more violence and suicide, as there are more of them around to die.

Originally Posted by RageWalrus View Post
These two worlds should be utterly unrelated, but when they people of Hardrade-6 sleep they dream of a specific other person on Strieber-5, and vice versa. Since the population is larger on Hardrade-6, multiple people dream about the same person from Strieber-5.
Dreamless had a similar concept, although there the two characters existed on opposite sides of the same world, and each was aware that the other actually existed.
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