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Ciconia: The local year is 1500 BC, and all human beings are sterile. Instead of reproducing sexually, human young are delivered to couples by a particularly large, intelligent variety of stork. Somehow, in the course of their normal reproductive cycle, these storks produce human young. Based on observation of the stork behavior, it seems they somehow seek out particular couples to receive the child, rather than just dropping it at the nearest settlement. Infinity scientists are at a loss to explain how any of this is possible, and otherwise the world is a completely normal no-mana parallel.

Hardrade-6 and Strieber-5: Hardrade-6 is a Q4 TL5 world where Harald Hardrade rather than William the Conqueror claimed the throne of England. The current year is 1801, and Hardrade’s Anglo-Norway is engaged in a global conflict with the Second Yuan Dynasty over Africa and the Americas. Strieber-5 is a Q7 TL3 world where a global Ice Age has been happening since around 1300. Civilization has collapsed and with every lengthening winter more people starve. These two worlds should be utterly unrelated, but when they people of Hardrade-6 sleep they dream of a specific other person on Strieber-5, and vice versa. Since the population is larger on Hardrade-6, multiple people dream about the same person from Strieber-5.

Mayhem: On April 8th, 1991 a portal to hell opened on the outside Kråkstad, Norway allowing demons to enter the world of the living. Rather than respond with violence, Norwegian authorities track down the invasion force, grant it refugee status, and put it in immigrant assimilation programs. A modest border checkpoint is put at the portal, and diplomatic relations established with the Prince of Darkness. Now, over a decade later, the demons are mostly integrated into Norwegian society. Despite periodic Church burnings, they prove an invaluable asset to the Norwegian economy. Their presence has also strengthens the already robust Norwegian Black Metal scene. Though generally happy with their new home, many demons look back on the eternally bleak hellfrost wastelands of their youth with a certain nostalgia.

McClane-2: This world is a myth parallel that mimics action films from the late 80s and early 90s. The world is perpetually locked in some unspecified year during the 1980s. Time passes irregularly, sometimes allowing trips from New York to Ulaanbaatar and back in a single day, other times skipping over entire seasons overnight. This never results in any appreciable change to science, technology, or current events. Several times a “year” the entire world will experience a “flashback”, typically to some time during the Vietnam War. Independent of temporal anomalies, the world appears to experience regular, yet benign, reality quakes. People can fade in and out of existence, rapidly age (or de-age) overnight, and change completely in appearance and personality. All of these phenomena center around about a half-dozen “protagonists”, whose lives are non-stopped adrenaline soaked adventure. Ordinary locals seem on one level aware of these frequent and rapid changes to the world around them, but are never disconcerted or confused by it.

Vox: Starting with his ascension on September 18th, 14 AD anything said by the Emperor Tiberius could be heard by everyone everywhere in the world as if he were standing 5 feet to their right. The same thing would happen to Caligula, and so for every Roman Emperor after. The current year is 1314, and everyone in the world is privy to the conversations and personal musings of Byzantine Emperor Andronikos II and Holy Roman Emperor Louis IV.
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