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Originally Posted by Flyndaran View Post
The reality where the hour just literally seems not to exist and the earth's rotation and sky seem to jump ahead that time is still being argued over. Is it just another member of this cluster or something different?
It's a cool idea, but has a serious problem for high tech settings like Infinity: interaction with other timezones.

Note that you can get most of the concept with much less in the way of logic tangles like that by not messing with the universal clock and just giving mages an extra hour that *isn't* on the clock between 12:00:00 and 12:00:01 - effectively instead of everyone else freezing for an hour, mages superaccelerate for an instant.

Edit: The everybody freezes but all other processes continue to run implicit in the sky seems to jump (as opposed to the hour just vanishes concept) can work, but doesn't seem as mysterious. Everybody will know it happens and be well aware of need to stop automatic processes, be careful not be moving when it kicks in, ensure any fires are safe to leave untended for an hour.... It's like everybody has to sleep, only more compulsory.
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