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Default Re: Catalog of the Weird Parallels

12:01 - The time from midnight to one A.M. does not appear to exist to non-mages. Since there are so few, nothing much seems to change from the instant at 12:00 to 1:00. But for those few with even Magery 0 and no spells, the world is loads of potential, assuming they survived unsupervised as toddlers. Weirdly, the reality is very low mana with pockets of low mana, so no native knowledge of proper spells seem to exist.

The first such world was named 12:01 where all animal life is frozen in place unable to be affected by mages. The second where all animal life disappears to reappear later was naturally named 12:02.
The reality where the hour just literally seems not to exist and the earth's rotation and sky seem to jump ahead that time is still being argued over. Is it just another member of this cluster or something different?

Mages known to take advantage are of course called Time Bandits. ;)
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