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Default Re: Catalog of the Weird Parallels

The original idea was, in fact, dilation effects, but you're right that they're basically backwards. I ultimately decided that, since it was magic, the torporous, slow effects of the Blue Drasil made sense and the the accellerative, rapid effects of the Autumnal Drasil called for red.

Red ones go faster, after all.

Speaking of Drasils:

Drasil-4 is a no-mana world home to Snow Drasils, which always have white leaves. They are mana enhancers starting at maturity (~100 years, SM+2). They are manatrophs, so they are known to grow in extremely unusual places; biologists suspect that they are symbiotic with some kind of mana-enhancing life, rather than producing the energy themselves. Since the saplings aren't self-sufficient but mature ones have little surplus mana, they are extremely difficult to propagate.
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