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Gnomco Baitbucket (TM)
This small waxed paper bucket, helpfully emblazoned with the word "BAIT!" in large friendly letters, is full of the absolute best bait Gnomco can get - Leaping Leaches! Kept in hibernation by a special Gnomco chemical preparation, these leeches are alive and lively, ready to entice the stubbornest fish mere seconds after waking. The leeches will literally leap at recalcitrant fish, so you have double the chance of catching one!

Gnomco is not responsible for misuse of leeches. Leeches may leap at anglers if left in proximity to exposed flesh. Do not leave bucket open for more than a few seconds while retrieving hibernating leeches, lest leeches stop hibernating prematurely. Gnomco brand waxed paper leech buckets guaranteed to keep leeches safe and in hibernation up to point of sale only, then you are on your own. Do not taunt Gnomco Baitbucket.

GM Notes:
  • Every round the bucket is open, roll 1d-7+ the number of rounds it has been open. A positive number results in that many leeches waking up and attacking.
  • Gnomco wax paper is not strong. Any damage or mishandling will tear it.
  • Leeches suddenly removed from the bucket wake up in 1d3+1 seconds.
  • There are 1d+23 leeches per bucket.

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